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Nuisance Calls

Updated: Oct 30, 2023

We are aware that people are receiving nuisance calls from GBS trading as Advantage & Beneficial (

​These calls are not coming from us and we have contacted the Information Commissioners Office, the Market Research Society and ESOMAR about this.

Calls are being made from several UK telephone numbers including:

0141 456 1048

0141 456 2790

01792 735 432

01744 775 774

If you have been receiving calls from this company, I would encourage you to make a complaint to the Information Commissioners Office. It only takes a couple of minutes and it is important to get your voice heard.

Let me tell you what I know about GBS. Despite appearances, it is a company based in the Philippines. Their UK company Advantage & Beneficial is a virtual one.

GBS is run by Andrew B. This is his LinkedIn page.

I have contacted Andrew to tell him of the complaints we are receiving, but he has not yet replied. I am sure he would welcome your feedback too.

The UK company is managed by Shaynne Erasmo:

Except she is actually Ennyahs Erasmo.

We had to take legal action against GBS Business Solutions in the UK due to the number of complaints we received. We were successful.

Some examples of the complaints we received include:

"You have plagued me with incessant telephone calls for over a year, please take me off your call list."

"I would like to make a complaint against your company. I am fed up with getting daily calls requesting my private information. The people calling on a daily basis, although I have asked every day over last month to take my name off list still continue to bombard me with calls. Please leave me alone. A reputable company would not behave in this manner. Please take my information off your data lists. I don't want it used."

Behaviour like this harms the research industry and our reputation we take it very seriously when we get associated with these clowns.

Kevin Simmonds

Managing Director

Advantage Market Intelligence Ltd.

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