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Christmas at the Talita Orphanage

The Talita Kum orphanage in Lima, Peru is home to over twenty abandoned and vulnerable children. We are proud to be part of the Talita family and provide continuing support.

Christmas Party

On a day full of smiles and generous hearts, our company gathered at the parish to share special moments and extend a helping hand to those who need it most. Every detail of this event was carefully planned to offer an experience that combined fun and purpose.

Hector started off the event with a few words from the team, followed by Sister Maria, who shared her prayers with all of us. We continued with the arrival of Aleka, our special guest, who added a touch of fun with the activities she prepared: a puppet show, dynamic team games and dancing with bubbles. All the girls participated and enjoyed Aleka's activities.

At midday we continued with the activities prepared by the Advantage team: the Treasure Hunt, where each girl had to find two figures with their names to receive a prize; and, the making of small Christmas trees.

After all the activities we continued with the Christmas lunch prepared by the team with turkey and salads. At the end of the lunch, the video and the website that were created for Talita Kum were shown, Sister Maria announced to all the girls that they finally had a website and they all reacted with excitement. Sister Maria was very excited and grateful for the gesture, which was a gift from Kevin, with support from the team, who developed and designed the website.

The money raised by the team through activities such as homemade alfajores, bracelets, paintings and tours was also handed over. Sister Maria was again surprised by the team's gesture.

At the end of the day, gifts were presented to each girl, making their eyes sparkle with excitement.

For more information about the Talita orphanage, please visit

Thank you.

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