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Giving Back

Advantage Market Intelligence Ltd. is a small company, but we still believe in our environmental responsibility and to help others.

In 2023, Advantage Market Intelligence Ltd. signed the SME Climate Hub commitment, becoming part of the United 
Nation’s Race to Zero campaign: 

  • We used the carbon calculator which was recommended by the SME Climate Hub ( to calculate the combined annual impact of the UK and Peru operations.

  • We chose to offset our carbon footprint by purchasing carbon credits from Switch2zero, the partner recommended the SME Climate Hub.

  • Switch2zero partners with the UN and Gold Standard to fund verified carbon offset projects.

Advantage is a carbon negative business in both the UK and Peru.

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Our main social focus is supporting the Talita Kum orphanage in Peru.

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Talita Kum is home to over twenty abandoned children. It is not a ‘business’, the organisation is run by a missionary nun for the benefit of the children. Local volunteers make cookies and other items with the children which are sold to help with the upkeep. 

We are providing ongoing supporting with both their basic needs and treats for the children. 


Further details are given in our Environmental, Social and Governance report.

If you would like to know more or would like to help,
please get in touch. 

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