Market and Competitor Intelligence

We are experienced desk researchers with a focus on delivering actionable information. High quality information is sourced, evaluated and analysed using our proven framework to deliver clear, evidence-based recommendations. 


Our experience includes highly detailed market intelligence, competitor intelligence, due diligence work and fast insights for clients in the UK and international markets:

  • Market sizing:

    • Calculating market size using top down and bottom up approaches 

  • Identifying accessible market potential

  • Short and long-term market forecasts

  • Assessing the impact of specific events such as Brexit 

More information about market sizing and calculating accessible market potential can be found here.  

Top-down market sizing
Top-down calculation of market size
Bottom-up market sizing
Bottom-up calculation of market size
Desk research, process


Market sizing & opportunity analysis

  • Robust estimations from available data sources and expert interviews. 

Market Reports

  • Understanding key trends and their implications for you and your customers. 


Competitor Profiling

  • Understanding the broader market, potential new entrants, and disruptive technologies

Competitive Landscape

  • Competitor activities and technological developments

Due diligence

  • Comprehensive and objective assessment of an organisation.  

Environment Scanning

  • Periodic updates on competitor activities and potential implications

 Market Opportunity Assessment

Market and segment opportunities are evaluated by examining both the market conditions and the degree of fit with a client’s current or planned capabilities to give commercially grounded recommendations.   

Market Attractiveness, model, market analysis
  • UK market sectors including real estate, finance, insurance, retail and energy

  • Electric vehicle developments and European infrastructure

  • Third party data provider market for software developers

  • UK telecom infrastructure market

  • Water, energy and agriculture sectors in South Africa

  • UK manhole cover market and opportunities within Europe

  • Baby food markets in Nigeria, Greece and Russia

  • UK Leisure industry

  • Retail pharmacy market landscape in Europe

  • Evaluation of niche healthcare markets in Europe

  • Mobile banking and e-commerce platforms (global)

If you would like to know more or have a project in mind, please get in contact. We will be happy to help.