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Customer Satisfaction 

In today’s rapidly changing market, customer needs are constantly shifting, and it’s the companies that can anticipate and adapt to their customers’ needs that rise to the top. High customer satisfaction can help build brand loyalty and encourage word-of-mouth marketing, which translates into sales and rapid growth. 

Customer satisfaction is about more than conducting research.  It’s about building a culture from the top down in order to create a better experience for the customer.

Done properly, customer satisfaction research can be a powerful tool for relationship building. However, if customers don't feel their feedback was acted on or the wrong research tool was used (e.g. asking a key customer to fill in an e-survey instead of calling them) the converse is often true.  

Advantage has considerable experience in this field, including surveys for international brands as well as global NPS surveys. We can provide practical guidance on the research elements and the softer, but also important aspects such as feedback. 

Our service includes identifying the key drivers of customer satisfaction and mapping these against current performance. From this, the improvement priorities can be clearly identified (high importance to customers and low satisfaction). 

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction starts before the customer even makes a purchase and to truly understand your customer base, you need to understand your lost and potential customers as well. Those different populations can reveal gaps in your customer service or insight into why you’re losing customers to your competitor. 

The same principles apply to employee satisfaction research. 

If you would like to know more or have a project in mind, please get in contact. We will be happy to help. 
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