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A magical Christmas

Updated: Oct 30, 2023

This year we are helping to bring the magic of Christmas to an orphanage in Peru.

Talita Kum is home to over twenty abandoned children. Children range in ages from two to eighteen. The youngest is two years’ old and has been living in the home since she was 13 days old. Her father died while her mother was pregnant and her mother died a few days after she was born.

It is not a ‘business’, the organisation is run by a missionary nun for the benefit of the children. Local volunteers make cookies and other items with the children which are sold to help with the upkeep.

We are supporting Talita Kum with their basic needs and also with some treats. This includes:

  • Financial: paying the building rent and school transport costs.

  • Providing food and hygiene products.

  • Christmas party on the 23rd December:

    • 'Home cooked' Christmas meal

    • Children's entertainer

    • Personal gifts

  • Arranging a day out to visit a zoo.

Next year, our aim is to support the construction of a larger home. Currently, it is just two rooms for living, eating and sleeping.

Our immediate focus is the Christmas party, providing a 'home cooked' Christmas meal and presents.

The children wrote their 'Santa' letters. Most asked for very basic things such as shoes and other essentials, so we asked again, specifically about toys. Toy requests include dolls, Ludo, Monopoly and zombies!!

The zombies were the first thing we bought :-)

A children's entertainer is booked and the planned activities include dance games and giant bubbles. Guaranteed to be noisy and fun!

Behind the scenes we are organising a trip to Makro to supply the home with basics such as rice, hygiene and sanitary products. When planning the party, we are always trying to balance a magical time for the children with the practical needs of the home. For example, Santa can visit for 30mins or we can provide rice for 6 months.

Next year we are facilitating a trip to the zoo. It is not essential, but we want to give the children a day out to remember.

Thank you

The support from Sister Maria at Talita Kum and my own team has been excellent. I would also like to thank Jessica Granda, the CLC Pedro Arrupe group in Peru and our supporters in the UK. Your involvement and financial support really does make a difference. It is becoming a shared goal. Special thanks for the support provided by James at Polar Insight. ** Update ** The team went on the first shopping expedition to the huge central market to track down and buy the exact toys asked for. They had the list and checked it twice. They got lost a couple of times, but met with friendly vendors and now have most of the items.... a pink lion has yet to be found! Most importantly, they all had a great time and came back smiling.

Yesterday I was driving in the snow, collecting donations. Two very kind ladies filled my car with unicorns, bears, dress up outfits, school shirts, shoes! Very special thanks to Mirelle of Relle Yoga and Stacey and her family.

Plans have been a little disrupted with the recent social unrest in Peru, but the team were out buying the last gifts, as well as party food and some basic necessities for the home. Another trip is planned for January.

We are finalising the detail for the party. After detailed analysis, cup cakes were chosen over traditional panettoni. Served with home prepared hot chocolate.

The party was a great success and a very happy and emotional day for all the team. On arrival we were immediately greeted with lots of hugs and joy. We quickly prepared the room, assembling and decorating a Christmas tree in record time and putting the presents underneath.

The entertainer was brilliant and the room was filled with noise and laughter as the children chased balloons, played games and took turns being inside a giant bubbles. Most of the Advantage team joined in too.

While the party took place, we prepared the meal:

  • Turkey, with rice, potato salad and apple and sweet potato puree. The turkeys were prepared by 'team turkey' and roasted by a local bakery.

  • This was followed by hot chocolate and cup cakes.

After the meal we called each child to collect and open their presents. The other children clapped and chanted open it and were super excited for the person receiving the gift. This was amazing to see. There were a few happy tears and happy dances. Several children hugged and thanked each member of the team. The smiles were absolutely priceless.

We kept the bike hidden until the very end. Hector made a show of being forgetful and then made a grand entrance.... riding into the room to shouts of delight.

It is a real privilege to be able to help, even in a small way. We did not want to leave.

This is just the beginning.

A huge, huge thanks to all everyone involved.

Happy Christmas and very best wishes for 2023.

If you like what we are doing please share and if you would like to help, please get in touch.

Many thanks Kevin

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