Specialists in secondary / desk research for strategic market and competitor analysis.


Advantage Market Intelligence Ltd. provides a range of high-value, cost effective primary and secondary market research (desk research) solutions to meet clients' needs. 


We specialise in desk research (for market and competitor intelligence) and quantitative research. We also work with a network of proven partners to deliver broader services such as traditional and online qualitative research.


Our approach combines a robust framework with a detailed investigation, consolidation and analysis of available sources.  By combining good knowledge and use of available information sources (going far beyond Google) with a proven analysis method, we distil key stories and implications from the evidence and present clear recommendations.  


We offer national and international capabilities, combined with solid commercial experience and a clear focus on delivering actionable insight. 



"Any type of intelligence, regardless of its topic, scope or complexity, needs to be actionable.
Only then does it become an investment rather than a cost".


The personal touch of a consultancy with the capabilities of a full-service research agency.

International full service quantitative research capabilities.


Through our proven partners we also offer qualitative and specialist solutions. 


Market monitoring and deep competitor profiling to evaluate threats and prepare effective strategies to address them.



Desk research and strategic analysis, e.g. to inform market entry decisions and support resource optimisation. 



Data has little value without interpretation and intelligence.    


Tools and support to help you uncover the value within your own data.

Outsourced research management, ad hoc consultancy or freelance support.


Flexibility to meet your project or longer term needs.


We have conducted market research projects in over thirty countries and continue to expand our knowledge and understanding.



Some of our recent clients include:  

A market research consultancy with global experience and capabilities of a much larger company. Specialists in desk research, Advantage Market Intelligence Ltd. is an accredited Company Partner of the Market Research Society, the world's leading market research authority.  All MRS Company Partners commit to and are regulated by the MRS Code of Conduct which ensures professional and ethical research of the highest standard.  

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