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Specialists in international market research and desk research for strategic market intelligence

From focus groups and surveys to market analysis and competitive intelligence.

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Market Analysis

 Market Research 

Latin America

High-quality market insights to help companies grow.  

Tailored to your specific needs.

Advantage is also located in Peru and conducts market research in Mexico, Central and South America.  

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Market Analysis

We have over fifteen years’ experience of analysing industries, markets and competitors in the UK and internationally. 

Our analysis framework can be applied to any industry and combines multiple tools,  with up-to-date information sources and a rigorous desk research process. 

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We deliver clear, concise and fully referenced information that can be trusted and acted on.  This includes:

  • Market size

  • Macro trends driving/constraining the market

  • Profiling key companies 

  • Competitor landscape

  • Detailed analysis of key competitor strengths, weaknesses, and portfolio gaps

  • Identifying routes to market & key contacts

  • Product comparison

  • Analysis of a client's own capabilities and market fit

Recent projects include:


  • Transport sector (road, rail, air, airports, freeports etc.)

  • Market size estimations for new consumer products. 

  • Electric vehicle and infrastructure

  • Telecom infrastructure market

  • Brexit impact (multiple sectors including energy, construction and retail)


  • Water, energy and agriculture sectors in South Africa

  • Insuretech trends in Latin America

  • Energy forecasting market: 22 countries

  • European healthcare markets

  • English learning in Mexico, Brazil and China

  • Baby food in Nigeria, Greece and Russia

  • Mobile e-commerce platforms (global)

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Market Research

We draw from over twenty years’ experience to create the right market research solution for your business need. 
You will find us a responsive partner. We believe that market research is most valuable when it’s conducted quickly, efficiently and when its results inspire action.

We conduct qualitative, quantitative and desk research in the UK and internationally. 


  • Focus groups

  • Depth interviews

  • Online groups

  • Online communities 

  • Observation 

  • Accompanied activities e.g. shopping & website use

  • Mystery shopping


  • Telephone surveys (CATI)

  • Street interviews (CAPI)

  • Online surveys

  • Mystery shopping

Desk Research

  • Context for primary research findings

  • Market sizing & trends

  • Competitors 

  • Market entry support: 

    • Suppliers​

    • Distributors

    • Customers

Our experience includes:

  • Brand: development, awareness and perceptions

  • New product development and concept testing

  • Customer: behaviour, attitudes and satisfaction

  • B2B

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Latin America Market Research

Advantage is also located in Peru and with our trusted partners, we conduct market research throughout all of Latin America, including Mexico, Central America and South America.  

Whatever your questions about Latin America, we can help you find the answers.

Our capabilities include: 

  • Translation

  • Recruitment & incentives

  • Interviewing (online & face-to-face)

  • Moderation (online & face-to-face)

  • 150 CATI stations in multiple countries

  • Over 200 street interviewers

  • Viewing facilities in all main markets with remote viewing capabilities

  • Access to multiple international and regional online panels. 

  • Our desk research combines high-quality global information from the British Library with country sources accessed by our local researchers in Peru, Mexico, Argentina, Guatemala, Brazil and Chile.

For more information, please visit Advantage Latam Insight

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Recent Clients
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“Kevin produced an excellent market assessment piece for us. The work was extremely thorough and was presented clearly and in a very user-friendly format. Kevin was a pleasure to work with, always responding quickly to requests and definitely going the ‘extra mile’ to ensure we were happy with the output. We had the utmost confidence in the advice and recommendations made to us and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Kevin to anyone looking for an experienced desk researcher.”


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ISO 9001:2015 Cerified

Advantage Market Intelligence Ltd. is an accredited Company Partner of the Market Research Society, the world's leading market research authority.  All MRS Company Partners commit to and are regulated by the MRS Code of Conduct which ensures professional and ethical research of the highest standard. 

As an ESOMAR member we comply with the ICC/ESOMAR International Code on Market and Social Research and ESOMAR World Research Guidelines.

ISO 9001:2015 Certified. This demonstrates our commitment to delivering consistent quality, building lasting customer relationships and continuous improvement. ISO 9001 is an internationally recognised Quality Management System. 

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