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Global qualitative and quantitative market research

Advantage has a large and growing network of international market research professionals and local agencies. We are able to conduct market research in all developed countries, with our core focus being Latin America

If you are a UK company looking to export overseas, financial support for market research may be available from the Department of International Trade

Our international network includes: 

  • Qualitative and quantitative researchers

  • Sector specialists

  • Coverage of all major markets and many smaller countries

  • Coverage of multiple cities in larger countries 

  • Local resources such as live streaming viewing facilities 

Our larger network members cover multiple countries, providing overlapping capacity.  

We work with several international panel providers and engage directly with participants through LinkedIn, Facebook groups etc where appropriate.Local language capabilities. 

Research methodologies are adapted to the culture and infrastructure of each country as well as the respondent profile and objectives. Similarly we take into account cultural differences when analysing responses. ​

International Market Research Network

Advantage Market Intelligence is also present in Peru and we have developed a strong network of professional researchers across Latin America (LATAM). 

All international research abides by the ESOMAR guidelines. 


If you would like to know more or have a project in mind, please get in contact. We will be happy to help. 
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