The art of market research

We often work with specialists to enhance our market research both at the information collection stage and to help our clients communicate results and key messages with impact. This includes artists, web designers, animators and video producers.


One such partner is artist and comic book illustrator Morgan GleaveMorgan is an accomplished artist whose background includes work in a broad range of sectors and for audiences of all ages. Morgan employs a range of styles, relevant to the needs of each client.


Concept visualisation


We strongly believe that a picture is worth a thousand words, not only to convey an idea clearly, but importantly to ensure that all participants have a common shared understanding.

This approach can enhance both qualitative and quantitative research technique and examples include:

  • Visualising how a product will look, eg design variations
  • Storyboarding how a product will work and simplifying complexity

Bringing findings to life

Findings can be given life by presenting them in a creative way.  Morgan designs infographics, posters and custom artwork to the needs of each client, their audience and the tone of the message. It is also possible to convey serious and complex messages in comic form as the example relating to mental health issues below demonstrates. In every case we consider the appropriate medium, imagery and tone to reflect the needs of each client, their message and the intended audience. 

Brand characterisation

Brands values and sub identities can be captured as a character. The artistic style can be adapted to the individual client and the design brief to create a unique personality. Brand characters are ideal for communicating with younger audiences and injecting dynamism into communication.


It can also be a very powerful tool for creating a visible identify for a research department, research programme or specific deliverable.



Capturing the essence


Artistic capturing of focus group / meeting feedback is an attractive and powerful way to clearly convey key topics and themes. Morgan is able to join meetings and capture the essence in a visual and attractive way, allowing key points to be shared almost immediately after the meeting.


Alternatively, Morgan is able to work from  notes of the meeting such as flip chart sheets or recordings. 

If you would like to know more or have a project in mind, please get in touch. We will be happy to help.

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