Quantitative research: asking how many?

Quantitative research is about asking people for their opinions in a structured way to obtain hard facts and statistics.  


Projects typically involve large samples to allow the results to be analysed by sub group (eg by country, gender, age) and to highlight significant differences.  Project costs are largely determined by the sample size required.


Projects are often preceded by an initial qualitative stage, to make sure issues are clearly understood and the right aspects are quantified. 



In summary:

  • Clearly defined questions
  • Large number of people
  • Numerical results
  • Best suited to answer 'how many people .....?'


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Our techniques


  • Can be conducted in many ways with consideration given to how the participants are able and would prefer to take part.
  • Our approaches include:
    • Online (we have several solutions depending on the project complexity)
    • Telephone (typically computer aided CATI) 
    • Postal and other printed self completion
    • Face-to-face (again can be computer aided CAPI)
  • We have conducted surveys in over thirty countries in local languages


Hall Tests

  • Hall tests involve hiring a venue, typically in a central city/town location and inviting members of the general public to take part.
  • The sessions can be highly flexible and provide an opportunity to also utilise qualitative techniques as well as providing a dynamic environment for the client to observe customer interactions. 


Mystery Shopping (moment of truth)

  • This technique involves objectively measuring the service customers receive. The programme can be tailored to fit any type of service and be conducted by telephone, online or in person. 


Product Trials

  • Placement of products within natural environments and collecting usage data and user feedback



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