Qualitative research: understanding why

Qualitative research is all about getting a deep understanding from a small number of people.  It’s about getting people to share their opinions so you can understand their motivations and feelings and probe to understand the deeper layers and reasons that drive behaviour.


Projects typically involve a small number of people, with a wide variety of techniques employed to get the most out of the engagements.  With qualitative research, the skill is in responding to feedback from the participants and engaging in a dynamic way to explore issues and break new ground together. 


Often a combination of of qualitative and quantitative techniques will be an ideal solution for clients, providing the means to explore an issue before providing the hard evidence. Whenever there is a need to understand 'why?', there is a need for qualitative depth.  

In summary:

  • Unstructured questions or a broad topic guide
  • Small number of people
  • Subjective, colourful and results with feeling
  • Best suited to delivering detailed understanding and answer 'why people .....?'


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Our techniques

We work with several qualitative researchers in different countries, who are each experts in their respective fields to delivery both traditional and more unique solutions. We are not qualitative experts, but we know people who are and when to best involve them. 


Traditional Methods

  • Focus groups
  • Depth interviews
  • Accompanied experience (such as shopping and website use)
  • Workshops (engagement with larger groups
  • Extended engagement (longer term relationships and dialogue with customers)


Non-traditional Methods

  • Online focus groups
  • Eye tracking
  • Impact! (video and other methods to communicate the voice of the customer with impact)
  • Social media tracking and sentiment analysis



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