Full service market research agency capabilities

Advantage is an accredited Company Partner of the Market Research Society (MRS) and abides by the MRS code of conduct and ESOMAR guidelines.


Working with fellow research professionals and a network of partner companies, we deliver both qualitative  and quantitative solutions for clients of all sizes across a diverse range of industries and geographies. With this approach, we are able to create highly experienced teams with the skills required to meet the specific needs of each client, without the large agency costs.   


Advantage can meet your primary and secondary (desk) market research needs, whether this involves researching global markets or providing training and support for your own staff.


We provide both secondary and quantitative support in-house and involve partners for traditional, online qualitative and other specialist skills.  


Specific areas of competence include: 

  • Secondary (desk) research for market and competitor analysis
  • Customer satisfaction, including Net Promoter Score (NPS)
  • Social media development and tracking
  • Concept testing 
  • Customer needs, uses, and attitudes
  • Brand awareness and perception
  • Employee satisfaction 
  • Price sensitivity
  • Mystery shopping (measuring actual performance against the promised service)
  • Website reviewing and optimisation
  • Fast feedback, e.g. from key customers or internal staff


Whatever the subject, research findings must be actionable for the project to be valuable.  This core belief is ingrained in our work, from exploring and challenging the initial brief to presenting findings in dynamic ways.  A brief article in the resource section outlines five guiding principles for improving the quality and usefulness of market research projects. 


Our partners include non-research professionals such as artists, animators and web designers to bring your research findings to life and communicate effectively (and memorably).


Supporting documents are included in the "Resource" section to help with selecting an agency and preparing a research brief, alongside explanations of the different types of market research.





If you would like to know more or have a project in mind, please get in touch. We will be happy to help. 



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