Market intelligence - identify your current & future opportunities

We offer a range of services designed to improve your knowledge of today's markets, their growth potential and risks. The services are designed to help inform your decisions about the markets you are in, or considering entering and how they will develop over forecast periods. 


Market intelligence is very broad field and so too are the services that can be provided. Our recent work has been in very diverse fields from telecommunications infrastructure to chronic wound treatment. 


A useful analysis tool we often use is the Mullins' Seven Domains Model, an approach specifically used to help organisations decide whether to pursue a new venture.


This approach consolidate multiple analysis tools such as PESTLE and provides a framework for clients to further develop their strategic decision making. 


When assessing markets, the external market is often only part of the equation and many internal factors within the end client’s organisation also need to be taken into consideration. This framework builds in the organisation’s capabilities and attitudes towards risk to deliver a holistic view.


Analysis of internal factors are usually beyond the scope of our activitiers, but the model presents key questions to help support our client’s analysis. 

Some examples of the main capabilities are outlined below: 


  • Defining the Market Size
    • Robust estimations built up from data and triangulated via interviews with suppliers and end users
    • Provides an accurate base to evaluate your own and competitor market share
    • Sets your business performance in context


  • Market Trends and Forecasts 
    • Market growth forecasting based on the best available indictors for your business
    • Provides realistic projections for organic growth
    • Supports your resource optimisation


  • Profiling Your Key Customers and Prospects
    • Identifying key motivations and buying triggers 


  • Visioning Work
    • Working with you to explore what your industry will look like in five or ten years' time
    • Rapid advances in technology and developing markets can make this difficult, but having a long term view helps you shape it


“The best way to predict the future is to create it.”  —Abraham Lincoln and Peter Drucker



Kevin and his colleagues produced an excellent market assessment piece for us. The work was extremely thorough and was presented clearly and in a very user-friendly format. Kevin was a pleasure to work with, listening to our needs and explaining their progress and findings in our regular catch-ups. We had the utmost confidence in the advice and recommendations made to us and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Kevin to anyone looking for an experienced desk researcher.


Advantage Market Intelligence was commissioned to analyse a complex, niche market within the healthcare sector. The final output delivered the required depth of insight, clearly aligned with our commercial requirements. At all times, the level of support, professionalism and commitment to the project was first class. Advantage were an extension of our own team. We were very pleased and will certainly use their services again.


If you would like to know more or have a project in mind, please get in touch. We will be happy to help.

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