Data analysis and reporting

Data, on its own, has little value. It is the interpretation of that data, combined with sound recommendations, that truly adds value to a business.  


In our view, organisations typically realise only a small fraction of their potential from their existing data sources; many opportunities can be missed.


We can help by conducting analysis and providing the necessary tools to bring your information alive.


Some of the services include:


  • Social media sentiment analysis and tracking (dashboard)
  • Dashboards to help clearly communicate your key performance indicators
  • Ad hoc analysis and reporting
  • Creating Excel-based, automated reports to simplify your ongoing analysis
  • Analysing your customer data, for opportunities and warning signs
  • Objectively auditing your organisation's capabilities against competitor and market opportunities
  • Benchmarking and comparisons of business unit performance


Analysis of this type becomes even more powerful when linked with other types of market intelligence. For example:


  • Conducting interviews with lost customers to gain deeper insight into drivers of churn
  • Using market knowledge to set your business performance in context and set targets
  • Conducting customer interviews to understand what services are valued and where you are over servicing to improve your profitability
  • Analysis of your sales and service capabilities alongside market growth projections to optimise resources with short and longer term goals


In addition, our partner network includes analysts with specialist skills, capabilities and detailed sector knowledge. Where appropriate, we will make introductions for you to deal directly with our partners if we cannot add value.

If you would like to know more or have a project in mind, please get in touch. We will be happy to help.

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