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Healthy competition or a waste of time?

Asking multiple suppliers to quote for market research services is good practice. It allows for different perspectives and solutions to objectives and allows costs to be benchmarked.

Phoneix Data Innovations Ltd. has taken this principle a step further. Their most recent request was sent to us, plus 192 other companies.

Blanket email requests like this are a waste of people's time and can often have a negative impact on a company's reputation. Most suppliers do not operate in isolation and bad behaviour such as this, is quickly recognised and discussed negatively. While most RFQs are welcomed, this shotgun approach often has the opposite reaction.

This ill-feeling is compounded when requests to stop are not respected. We have been asking Phoenix Data Innovations to stop emailing us for over six months. However, despite personal assurances from UK Managing Director Karl Lacey, they continue. Perhaps, because the registered director is actually Mr Pratap Ramrao Ghadge.

This shotgun approach to finding suppliers becomes a vicious circle in which more and more suppliers are needed, because fewer and fewer are willing to respond. Long term, this approach is not sustainable.

My personal view has always been the complete opposite. We have taken the time to build a small core of trusted suppliers in the different countries we work in. People that we work with and respect, and who we know will go the extra mile to support our clients.

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