A proven partner to help companies enter new markets

​We use both market research and market intelligence (desk research) to help organisations evaluate new market risks and opportunities and provide practical support to help them succeed.

Our international experience and dual perspective means we are well placed to add value, particularly for companies entering or seeking to grow within Latin American markets.   

Or services include:  

  • Selecting the right markets:

    • Calculating market size

    • Understanding market trends, regulation and growth forecasts

    • Evaluating the attractiveness of market segments

    • Evaluating the resources needed

    • Identifying competitors and analysing their strengths and weaknesses 

  • Understanding customer needs

  • Testing the appeal of a client's product and reactions to their marketing

  • Helping clients find potential customers and distributors

  • Identifying and connecting clients with local suppliers


​We use our own analysis framework to help advise companies. Market and segment opportunities are evaluated by examining both the market conditions and the degree of fit with a client’s current or planned capabilities to give commercially grounded recommendations.  

This model can be adapted to fit the needs of organisations of different sizes and budgets. Some clients require a full analysis, while others may only require an assessment of competitors. 

The main advantage of this approach is its objectivity. We use a very transparent methodology, resulting in very clear recommendations. 

The model provides a starting point as the needs of each organisation can vary. We would be happy to discuss your requirements and provide specific recommendations without any cost or obligation.



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